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Asia 2004

No thanks. I didn't fly 6000 miles to eat here!

Wall and moat of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.

Bright lights, big city - Ginza shopping district.

Tokyo at night as seen from the top of Tokyo Tower.

Fuji-san from the town of Fuji-Yoshida.

Red Torii gate at shrine near Fuji-san

Sitting in my Japanese style room at the Myorenji Temple.

Myorenji Temple - my lodging for 5 nights in Kyoto

Traditional wooden house in Kyoto

The entrance to Nijo Castle

The outside wall to the Imperial Palace in Kyoto

Building in the Kyoto Imperial Palace

Garden in the Kyoto Imperial Palace

Five-storey pagoda at the Toji Temple area

Standing near Kiyomizu Temple, at the top of a mountain overlooking Kyoto, Japan

View of Kyoto, Japan from the top of a mountain

Feeding the tame deer on Miyajima Island, Japan

The memorial containing the names of all those who perished as a result of the atomic bomb detonated over Hiroshima

The Atomic Bomb Dome - the one building left untouched in Hiroshima, Japan since 6 August 1945

First sight of South Korea - the shipping port of Pusan (or Busan)

Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, South Korea

An evening view of Seoul, South Korea from the top of Seoul Tower

The Bridge of Freedom, over which 13,000 soldiers returned to South Korea in 1953

Dora Observatory, overlooking the DMZ between South and North Korea

Traditional Korean family meal (with strangers from DMZ tour)

Ancient temples and modern skyscrapers vie for space in the horizon of Seoul, South Korea

Chairman Mao keeping a watch on Tiananmen Square

The Gate of Supreme Harmony inside the Forbidden City

Hutong, or alleyway, in Beijing, China

Looking out over the Great Wall of China

Handsome guy hiking the Great Wall of China

The Summer Palace

Looking up at the Tower of the Fragrant Buddha

The Beijing Museum of Natural History

Hall in the Temple of Heaven Park

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