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Mexico 2009
Week 2

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Inside the Terminal de Autobuses del Norte.

A view of the rolling green hills from my bus ride to Papantla.

Checking my e-mail in my hotel room in Papantla, Mexico.

A view of the Iglesia de la Asuncion in the town center of  Papantla.

A pyramid at El Tajin.

Another pyramid at El Tajin.

Yet another pyramid at El Tajin.

One of 17 ball courts at El Tajin.

A carving on the wall of a ball court.

Yep, it's another pyramid at El Tajin..

Pyramide de los nichos, or the Pyramid of the Niches, the emblematic structure of El Tajin.

A close-up view of the Pyramid of the Niches.

Posing in front of the Pyramid of the Niches.

Behold, the landscape of El Tajin.

Voladores setting up their act at the top of a very tall pole. They tied their legs to ropes at the top, and slowly descended upside down as a fifth man spun around on top.

The Voladores safely on the ground.

The town of Papantla, my home for two nights.

The Voladore monument on the top of a hill in Papantla.

The little family-run hotel in Papantla, where I stayed.

My view on the bus from Papantla to Xalapa.

My first class bus.

The Cathedral in Xalapa.

The Museo de Antropologia, or the Anthropology Museum

One of seven collosal Olmec heads inside the museum.

A couple of serious guys kneeling down.

Standing by another one of the collosal Olmec heads in the museum.

Two more collosal Olmec heads.

One of many "baby face" sculptures.

A stele containing the engraving of a warrior.

Ancient writing of Mesoamerica.

Happy face sculptures from the Olmec civilization.

I'm not sure who this guy is, but he looks pretty surprised to see me.

A view of Xalapa from the vantage point of a park.

Juarez Park in the central part of Xalapa.

Leaving the lush green of the Gulf Coast region during my bus ride from Xalapa to Puebla.

Seeing cacti upon leaving Puebla and heading south.

Driving up the mountains of south central Mexico.

The endless mountains of south central Mexico.

My first view of Oaxaca, a city in the valley between mountains.

My dish of Mole Negro con Pollo - delicious and not even spicy.

Some colorfully dressed locals doing a country-style dance.

A view of Monte Alban, the ancient city on top of a mountain.

Another view of Monte Alban from the North Platform.

A view of Oaxaca from Monte Alban.

A large sunken patio with an altar at the center.

Another Juego de Pelota, or ball court.

A carving of an upside-down warrior, representing a conquered foe.

That's me standing on the southern platform with the astronomical observatory behind me.

Carvings of Danzantes, or the dancers, thought to depict leaders of conquered people.

A restaurant off the Zocalo in the central district of Oaxaca.

The Cathedral just off the Zocalo in Oaxaca,

Local musicians giving a performance for the customers of nearby restaurants.

Iglesia de Santo Domingo, or the church of Santo Domingo, which houses the Museo de Las Culturas de Oaxaca, the Cultural Museum of Oaxaca.

Just a couple of local women using their heads.

Backpacking Dave liked hanging out in the bad part of town.

Standing next to the largest tree in the world - by trunk thickness. Estimated at over 2,000 years old, this cypress tree measures 14 meters (or 46 feet) in diameter and 58 meters (or 190 feet) in circumference.

A local weaver in Teotitlan acquiring natural dyes from local plants.

The ruins at Mitla 46 kilometers southeast of Mitla.

A close-up of the stone mosaics found at the ruins of Mitla.

My dinner of Chapulines con Guacamole, or Fried Grasshopppers with Guacamole.

A close-up of the fried grasshoppers. They were crunchy and spicy - a little too spicy for me, as I couldn't finish them.

Pretending to sleep at the beginning of my 11.5-hour bumpy bus ride to San Cristobal de Las Casas.

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