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Scandinavia 2009
Week 2

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5 July 2009 - 11 July 2009

Welcome to the Swedish town of Herrang.

Passport control for entry into the Folkets Hus.

The Folkets Hus, or the People's House, the building for evening meetings and dances.

The Lindy Hop Shop, a place to buy dance-related clothing, shoes, cd's, dvd's, etc.

Herrang Dance Camp attendees waiting to get into the Folkets Hus for the nightly 9 o'clock meeting.

The school area, where you'll find tents for dance classes and school buildings filled with bunk beds.

The Ice Cream Parlor, where you can buy sandwiches, soda, and ice cream during the day.

A tent with a wooden floor used for dance classes.

The computer room and the WiFi zone, where campers can maintain their internet connections.

Restaurant Yum Yum, which serves breakfast and dinner to campers.

Salad, fish, and a pasta, a typical meal served at Restaurant Yum Yum.

Tents where many campers sleep.

Campervans, which many locals use for sleeping.

The marina, located about 10 minutes by foot from the center of camp.

Lennart Westerlund leading one of the nightly 9 o'clock meetings.

Calle Johanson leading a song and dance number during a 9 o'clock meeting.

Juan Villafane answering a question during a panel on lindy hop competitions.

The crowd listening to the panel on lindy hop competitions.

Campers braving the rain.

One of the many, giant killer mosquitos hungry for the flesh of campers.

The parts of a nutritious, Swedish meal.

Cabaret night at Herrang Dance Camp.

Campers waiting for the cabaret show to begin.

Herrang News, the daily post about information on the camp.

Pins marking the nearly 30 countries represented by attendees to Herrang.

Here I am working on international relations with some Norwegian ladies.

Marv and I dressed up for the Friday Wedding Night Party at Herrang.

Official proof of my "marriage" to an Australian woman.

A Swedish funk-rock-jazz fusion band playing for dancers in the Bar Bedlam.

Getting ready to dance with a Norwegian woman.

Saying goodbye to Karenann at the Lindy Hop Shop.

Lining up for the bus at the Herrang Kiosk.

The Central Bus Station in Stockholm.

A view of railway cars at the Stockholm Train Station.

A view inside the McDonald's of the future - with flat screen panels for menus.

Stop the violence!

A view down the pedestrian-only street of Drottinggatan, where I had dinner my first night in Stockholm.

In Stockholm, the writing is not on the wall, it's on the sidewalk.

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