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Scandinavia 2009
Week 3

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12 July 2009 - 18 July 2009

A view of Sodermalm, an island neighborhood north of the city center.

Looking north toward Gamla Stan, or Old town.

A row of wooden houses built in 1729, ironically after the great fire of 1723.

I saw a Swedish bumblebee walking slowly on the sidewalk, so I set my camera to macro to grab a shot.

The Djurgarden Ferry that I rode to the island neighborhood of Djurgarden.

Walking down the waterfront of Djurgarden.

The Vasa Museet, or Vasa Museum, which contains a ship sunk in 1628, during it's maiden voyage.

The location of the Vasa was discovered in the 1950's, and it was salvaged in 1961.

A close-up of some of the intricate carving that cover this huge warship.

A model depicting what the Vasa may have originally looked like.

An ice breaker ship on display outside the Vasa Museum.

The Nordiska Museet, or the Nordic Museum, containing artifacts on the culture of Sweden.

A trolley rolling down the street.

A bridge connecting Djurgarden to the main city center of Stockholm.

Welcome to Gamla Stan, Old Town of Stockholm.

Storkyrkan, the Royal Cathedral of Sweden.

A stained glass window inside Storkyrkan.

A painting depicting a strange light phenomenon in the sky of Stockholm in 1535.

The Nobelmuseet, or the Nobel Museum.

The Swedish word for peace is fred, which brings me to my theory: we need more fred in the world.

An old-fashioned Swedish telephone booth.

Taking a walk down Vasgterlanggatan, a narrow cobblestone street in Old Town.

The changing of the guard ceremony in front of the Royal Palace.

The Royal Palace of Stockholm.

The Swedish word for ice cream is glass, which brings me to my theory: we need to eat more glass.

Riddarholmskyrkan, an old church near old town with a tall iron spire.

Standing in front of Stadshuset, the Stockholm City Hall.

The staircase in the Blue Hall of the Stadshuset, which Nobel Prize winners descend for the banquet dinner.

The Gold Room inside the Stadshuset.

A view of Old Town from the top of the tower of Stadshuset.

The Historiska Museet, or the Museum of National Antiquities.

Stones with runes inside the Historiska Museet.

Some Viking weapons inside the Hisoriska Museet.

I look pretty good in chain mail.

Geese on the water bank.

Skansen, the outdoor Scandinavian theme park in Stockholm.

A reindeer at the zoo section of Skansen.

Bear cubs fighting in Skansen. (I have video of this as well!)

A woman dressed in traditional Finnish garb explaining lost arts to a child.

A Swedish farmstead house from the 1920's.

The Viking Line cruise ship, which I rode overnight to Helsinki.

A pub on the cruise ship - one way to pass the time.

Fancy dinner on the ship - penne pasta and a Lapin Kulta (a Finnish beer).

Hanging out on the upper deck of the ship.

Sunset on the Baltic Sea.

A welcome sign in the port of Helsinki.

The Kauppatori, or the fish market, in the city center of Helsinki.

The Olympic Stadium from 1952 - the location of my youth hostel.

Wasting crucial daylight hours doing laundry. (Doh!)

Tuomiokirkko, a large Lutheran cathedral finished in 1852.

The Russian-designed Orthodox Uspensky Cathedral with 13 gilded cupolas.

Esplanade Park, a long, narrow park in the city center.

A Finnish band, playing rock and blues in Esplanade Park.

Rautatientori, the large central train station in Helsinki.

Taking a late evening walk along Lake Toolonlahti.

A view of Helsinki from the top of the Olympic Stadium Tower.

The Kansallismuseo, or the National Museum of Finland, which covers the history of Finland.

I think the clock in the center is upset with me.

Trying to understand a work of art in the Kiasma Museum of Contempory Art.

Th Ateneum, which contains many Finnish paintings, and featured many works focused on the Kalevala, the epic poem of Finnish folklore.

Outdoor seating at a cafe in the city center.

Suomenlinna, the island fortress built in 1748 by the Swedes, now a historical landmark.

Gazing out toward the sea, as a fortress wall looms in the background.

Two of the many canons on Suomenlinna.

The Submarine Vesikko, a restored 1930's Finnish submarine.

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