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Scandinavia 2009
Week 5

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26 July 2009 - 30 July 2009

The tourist information center at Jostedalbreen, or Jostedal Glacier.

Approaching the glacier.

The crampon makes hiking on the ice possible.

Ascending the glacier.

There's nothing like climbing a glacier with a good view.

Looking back down at the water.

Chilling between two walls of blue ice.

Some of the many waterfalls cascading down the mountain sides.

Glacier melt feeding the river.

The glacier water is green because of tiny sand particles reflecting light. (Or so we were told.)

Behold the majesty of the Norwegian fjord. This is Sognefjorden to be precise.

Here is one of the many countless waterfalls seen along the rocky cliff walls of the fjord.

Next time I'm here, I'll have to bring my speedboat!

Here's a small town in Naeroyfjorden, which is only reachable by water.

This is the ferry I rode from Kaupanger to Gudvangen.

This land is Aurland.

There was even a great view when I took a pee!

A stop on the Flamsbana, a scenic railway that rises from Flam to Myrdal.

The waterfall that everyone was staring at in the last photo.

A rainy night in Bergen, but at least I made it here.

Torget, or the fish market in Bergen, Norway.

Rosenkrantztarnet, or Rosenkrantz Tower, built in the 1560's by Bergen's governor.

The Lepramuseet, or the Leprosy Museum, a building dating to 1754 that used to house leprosy victims.

Houses on a hill.

The Floibanen Funicular that takes riders to the top of Mt. Floyen (320 meters or 1050 feet).

Unfortunately, I forgot to turn around, so I completely missed the view from the top of Mt. Floyen.

Old, colorful houses in Bryggen, the old medieval quarer of Bergen.

The 8 am train from Bergen to Oslo.

The overnight ship I took from Oslo to Copenhagen. (Much more expensive than I thought it would be!)

My incredibly spacious cabin inside the ship.

A screen plotting the route of our ship.

The sunset from the Pearl of Scandinavia.

Windmills off the coast of Denmark, and the Oresund Bridge in the distance.

Last look at the Copenhagen Airport.

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