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Map and Itinerary

Scandinavia 2009

29 June - 30 July 2009

Rough Itinerary
Depart Seattle at 6:45 pm June 29; Arrive in Copenhagen 1:30 pm the following day
Spend 4 days in Copenhagen
Ride train to Stockholm, then to Herrang
Spend a week at Herrang Dance Camp
Visit Stockholm, Sweden
Visit Helsinki, Finland
Spend a day in Tallin, Estonia
Take an overnight train up to the arctic circle, then back to Stockholm
Take a train to Oslo; spend a few days there
Ride a train to Vinstra, Norway to visit relatives
Visit Bergen, see fjords along the coast
Take a train/ferry to Denmark
Spend a few more days in Denmark
Fly back to the US. from Copenhagen

Map of Expected Travel Route:

Map of Actual Route Taken:

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